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Many among you have been schooled after the purchase of cheap xenon lights. Chronic problems, warranty claims etc..
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The newest HID Xenon conversion kits are producing brilliant light with temperature comparable to sunlight. They consume less energy, are more reliable, are immune to voltage instabilities and moisture. HID kits improve the car's visibility during the night as well as during the day. They provide wider visible angel. Compared to a standard light bulb, the efectiveness and light power output is 10 times better. A truly revolutionary product of 21st century. HID conversion kits are installed very simply by switching for the stock lighting system.

Will fit any American, European or Japanese vehicle

Complete HID conversion kit including installation instructions (very simple)

6000K light temperature is the best tone

These HID conversion kits have proved to be the best product yet in terms of lifetime, reliability, luminance and engineering quality. And the price, too!